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Inventory & Services:

NWASg operates from a 150,000 Cu. Ft. ASA-100 accredited warehouse facility with the capacity to store over 75,000 line items of rotables and expendables materials.

We chose our location in the south Seattle Metro area because of its proximity to Boeing and the areas' transportation infrastructure.

Northwest Aviation acquires airframe inventories on our own behalf, in tear-down partnerships, and consignment inventories, which are stored in our ASA-100 acreditted facility in Auburn Washington. Our airframe and small parts inventories include expendables and rotables inventories for Boeing, Douglas, and Airbus aircraft. We also carry PMA approved gaskets and aerodynamic seals which we develop in partnerships and then manufacture in our plant in California. Our inventories of new and surplus products are fully traceable to and certified by FAA approved sources, with the supporting records maintained and secured.

HighBayFLSmall Parts RacksA sampling of our projects and acquistions includes joint ventures and consignment inventories with companies such as Air Asia, Goodrich Aerostructures, Aeroframe Services, among many others.

We also act as agents for overseas airlines and repair statiions in acquring specaility chemicals and harzardous chemicals, which may require controlled environment storage and shipping and heandling. 

Our computer systems provides us with  technical, financial, and historical information on materials, whether in stock, on order, or in transit.

We subscribe and list our inventory with the ILS (Inventory Locator Service), or you can contact our sales department for a list of current materials.



ACE HQ WebNorthwest Aviation's Seals & Gasket Division, Ace Aerodynamic Seals, makes gaskets and aerodynamic seals for the aerospace industry; military and commercial.

Seal SamplingWe offer engineering and design services for special projects that require unique performance properties from your seal or gasket. We can also make these parts or provide project supervision in the unlikely event we do not have the capacity or capability to manufacture what you need. If necessary we can build the equipment to make the part you need.


LongSealsWe make parts for military and civilian aircraft. We make door seals, seals for flying surfaces, gaskets for windows, and high temperature engine baffling.


We can and do make specialty seals such as seals with low EMR reflectivity. And, we have a unique capability to manufacture long splice-less silicon seals.